Okay, currently I'm taking Prolab Glutamine, Prolab Creatine, And also a protien powder. I take a scoop of Glutamine mixed with protien in the morning, after a workout, and at night before bed. My creatine I mix with Dextrose, and take 1 scoop before workout, 1 scoop during workout, and 1 scoop after workout. I mix the protien? Glutamine combo with milk, and the Creatine/Dextrose with water.
Here's my problem. My stomach can't physically hold all of the liquid after my workout. I end up,waiting about 30 minutes to drink the Creatine, then another hour for the Protien/glutamine.
My question is- After my wokout can I just mixe in The Creatine, dextrose, glutamine, and protien together in milk? Or do I need to drink the creatine/ dextrose seperate in water? Also could you please explain why?

Thanks guys.