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    Animal Cuts or Hydroxy Cut ( I have fine diet)

    Please don't tell me diet and cardio and bla bla I KNOW THAT ALREADY!! That's already taking care of I want to take something that could give me the results quicker because I wanna go back to bulking and gaining weight. See I got fat for a while going threw a depression stage...

    Animal Cuts or Hydroxy Cut? Or is there anything else out there better...??

    Please answer, I ask questions and they don't get answered and I search and don't find anything

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    hydroxycut hardcore werked pretty good for me

    just b prepared to have the jitters LOl

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    I didnt get the jitters or any side effects from hydroxy cut hardcore though when I was younger I used to use alot of the original stacker 2 which was very strong so maybe that's why I got no side effects from the hydroxy.

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