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Thread: Cytomel?????

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    Question Cytomel?????

    How's it goin?......Just registered........what do you guys know about using cytomel to cut body fat???

    If you guys could help me out, it would be greatly appreciated.


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    Welcome to the board

    I don,t know that much about Cytomel apart from that it contains Lithyronine Sodium and is basically a T3.As we all know T3 are a very effective fat burner as to how effective it would be for you I don,t know what are your stats what are your goals?

    I have a friend who cycled this with Clen and he got very good results and his doses ranged from 50mcg upto a max of 150mcg for the Cytomel....but his b,f was very low to start off with

    All I would suggest is that you read up on this product before any use as it does effect the Thyroid gland and it is better to be safe.


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    CYCLEON Guest
    cycotmel is the brand name for t3 (liothyronine sodium) the sodium makes it more bioavailable. anyway, it will rip fat off of you for sure - it will also take muscle off as well if yo dont do it correctly. most importantly exogeneous thyroid supplementation will shut the thyroid down like test does the HPTA so it is very important to taper it cause we dont have a clomid-like substance for the thyroid yet.

    a good ramp up for a cutting cycle is (with 25mcg tabs) for a 6 week cycle 112223333444444444443333333222222222111111

    notice the taper is much longer on teh back half than the ramp up period - this is very important so that yyou dont come off with a slow thyroid that makes u gain weight for the next few weeks till it recovers.

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    Good post CYCLEON. Definitely be safe with Cytomel . It can work wonders, but it can also screw you up big time!

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    try clenbuteral

    hey man, I have heard some positives about cytomel and a shitload of negatives. If you do not know how to take cytomel, it can screw you up big time. Try some clenbuteral first and if that doesn't work resort to cytomel. I have been on clenbuteral for the first time during the past two weeks and I have gone from 210lbs to 198 lbs with no loss in strength. My bodyfat has also dropped significantly.

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    Cytomel & Clen

    Is an incredible fat shredding stack. But as the bro's said, you best know what you are doing.. It's not something you want to play with. So do ALOT of RESEARCH if you even are considering touching it.

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    Rates very high on the side effects, so yes read, learn and be prepared for everything. Most of all be safe and be careful!

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    Very effective if used correctly
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