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    two questions regarding lipoflame and prebed nutrition

    Currently I am pretty lean, 5'10 185lbs. I lost a decent amount of mass durring the last few months at college. I am training 5 sometimes 6 days a week (if i can't get two muscle groups done in a day) and do HITT cardio. My goal is to gain mass back and kind of cut up alittle on the side.

    I have a bottle of lipoflame, my question is should i even use it. It's been terribly hot outside 97*, I absolutly can not run on a treadmill or any stationary machine and i just graduated college so waking up at 4am for cardio is out of the question. With this said, my cardio takes place at about 1030 or 11 each night, or as soon as it cools off. I normally lift sometime between 12 and 2pm. I understand the optimal method of using lipoflame but, my question is: will i benefit from lipoflame at all taking it before i lift if im doing cardio almost 11 hours later or would it be a complete waste?

    another question regarding pre-bed nutrition... i normally eat some proteinn and complex carbs or some good fats about 2 - 1.5 hours before i go to sleep. Right before i brush my pearly whites, i normally take some whey protein (yes i know cassin is optimal but im broke right now). What is better in ur opinion right before bed considering i had a small meal, some glutamine and juice or whey?

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    I just got my lipoflame, so I don't have any experience with it yet, But I would say it would work as a preworkout boost. Kaioken said he uses Lipoflame as opposed to ********* on leg days for a boost.

    If you primary goal is fat loss, can you not do cardio post workout?

    As far as food before bed, I wouldn't take juice and glutamine...there is no way that will hold you through the night. In comparison to that, whey would be better, but I think you would really be better with some whole food. Cottage cheese is an excellent source of casein, but any good meal would be better than glutamine+juice or whey

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    Yes Sir you will benefit even ONCE per day

    Just Use it for Pre Cardio or Lifting once per day

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