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    Animal Stak Canadian Version

    My buddy picked up some animal stak, the canadian version(considering im from canada) so it sitll ahs the pro-hormones in it as far as i know, and what my buddy has read from the box,

    i was just wondering what people thought of it and what was good/bad

    or if there was something better out there


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    never had the "Canadian version" but the "US" version is awesome..

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    animal stak is JUNK. Like most universal products.

    for the billionth time TRIBULUS is NOT at test booster.

    everyone one of their products looks like it was formulated by a crack head, could you put more half assed and inneffective ingredients into a single product. somehow I doubt it.

    I would not really care about this and probably would not comment if it were not for the kiss of death ingredient- DIM. it aint no aromatase inhibitor, its an aromatase INDUCER. add to that the fact that DIM is an anti-androgen and estrogen, well I think most people would say to universal-- WHAT THE **** WERE YOU THINKING?

    read here for info on DIM and I3C (and stop others from falling for crap like this)

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