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    Cytosport-Protein Drink=Diarrhea???

    Anyone try cytosport proein? 40gm protein 0 carbs......

    Im on a ketogenic diet so this is perfect for me.....


    Its giving me mad s h i t s!!!!

    Anybody with experience with this or what I can do to stop it???

    Bought 20 cases.....(240bottles)

    Normally 4$/bottle at them 1.75 per bottle....then found out I get the runs with them.

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    Yeup, the same thing happens to me when drinking it. I had to stop it because I was tired of the "squirts". I was afraid that one day I'd strain just a lil too much lifting and not like the outcome (literally). LOL! If you find an answer, lemme know.

    P.s. Please PM where you purchased them for $1.75 each. That's awesome. I have been paying $4 at the gym, too, then found them around $2.xx range online.

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