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    supplements and their content.

    I know that there are many companies just putting garbage on the market, just to make a buck. But what are some quallity companies who's products actually conatin what is on the label? Or more importantly the amounts the label states the product contains?
    I know 5 or 6 years ago the weider brand on supplements was under suspition of false labeling.

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    Weider is the worst crap ever .... There Sugar based products should be called ( C&H BB supps ) hehe

    I like MaxMuscle products ....tried EAS and Metrx ...didn't like

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    I don,t use weider (well I am at the mo just because the carbs are so high and I,m bulking) Maximuscle are nor bad but expensive Twin lab are OK and normally good value Muscletech I would,nt touch b,c of their advertising I want to chose not have it shoved in my face 24/7 Bodyfortress are well priced and good value Labrada are good products.You need to find one within your price range and what works for you and then choose,you could always try one every month and see which one you prefer

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    Most people don't realize that there are only a handful of manufactureres out there, and that most companies just privately lable. They'll tell the lab what they want and then label it as their own. Chances are that if the price is really cheap then the product is also. Read the labels and do some research on ingredients. For example, all whey protein is not equal, and many ingredients in many powders are from inferior forms. Even in capsuled products the heat used when encapsulating them can distroy or degrade the product if too high. Ask people you trust for their opinion and what they use. Who do you trust...The companies that spend more money on R & D, or the companies that spend a ton on marketing? Ask questions and believe me the research is out there. Hope this helps...good luck.

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