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    Protein Favorites

    I have been currently using ON pro complex formula protein and I am curious as too what opinions everyone has on it. I chose it more because it is different than 100% whey and what everyone else seems to choose. I am just starting to wonder if I am gaining anything from it. I am about to order some more protein to take with me on my deployment for the next 6 months and I want to get the best results/products that I can before I go. Any suggestions on what proteins I should look into or if maybe I am on the right track with the pro complex.

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    i just use the ON gold standard whey. you won't gain anything from a drink, you need to have a solid diet to go along with it. there is a giant thread in here about peoples favorite proteins, most say ON or isopure. i think the isopure looks good, but is substantially more expensive than ON. if i were you i'd get a 10lb bag of ON, under $80 on amazon and it has 160 servings of 24g protein.

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    Well my favorite was Solid Whey but for some reason they dropped it...
    Better then Ice cream for taste and price 31.9 grams !!!

    I also have use Hemp Protein cost too high ...

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    ON gold standard and Cytosport Evo Pro for me.

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