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    Supplements and protein

    there is to many diff posts on what to use and what not.. So what supps should one be taking while on cycle? and what protein should I be taking post and pre workout? what should be added to the Protein? any help would be great..

    All I take now is MV's and some fish oils.. and just down some muscle mike.

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    just any good whey or protein shake alot on here like NO

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    i take ON Pro Complex, Glycomaize, and 100% Casein.

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    my favorite is Optnimum nutrition. mixes easy and tastes pretty good. Take a Caesin protein before bed for slow digestion. caesin clumps up a bit and doesnt taste as good as regular whey..but gets the job done. Also taking multi, stress b, flaxseed oil. When I start my first cycle I will take Life Support by Anabolic Innovations to be on the safe side. Check it out, all the ingredients are in there.
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