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    Concerns with Novedex XT

    As many of you know I've been searching for something to boost my test a bit, and my libido. I've also been working with my doc and after taking numerous tests can't find any reason for the low libido, so next is to seek someone to see if it's a mental thing... Anyways, I started taking Novedex XT a few days ago, 4 caps a night... Anyways last night I was very irritable and in a bad mood for some part of it, for no reason I could put my finger on. Today I've been just lounging around my dorm room (nothing to do in Missouri) and have been in a kind of angry and a little depressed slump.... Nothings changed since I've been here for 2 months so I can only blame Novedex XT for this behavior. I just want to know if this is normal, and if I should hopefully see some other results, such as increase in test and libido for which I was hoping... I'd rather not spend money on something that's gonna make me angry and depressed...

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    I get like that normally when I start my PCT. A lot of it is mental though, I have learned that if you ask yourself why am I sad or pissed off? Most of the time you don't have a good answer, or even one at all. You'll be ok bro, just remember- its all in your head!

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    i cant exactly speak for the novedex XT bro, but perhaps your anger and depressive slum could be influenced by having to lounge around in your dorm room from the lack of things to do in missouri and that nothing has changed in the two months that you have been there. Or it may be influenced by not having answers to what is causing your low libido?

    just a few possible 'cause and effect' things that stood out to me in your post mate.

    Keep ya chin up what your experiencing is environmental or situational it will pass. Hope ya find the cause to your low libido


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