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    Question How do my supps look?

    Started with:


    Monstermilk - 2 scoops 3 x a day

    MegaMen sport - 2 in the morning

    Halodrol LG - 1 in morning, 1 afternoon

    ZMA - 3 before bed

    NO xplode - 2 scoops b4 workout


    regular Whey protein - 2 scoops 3 x a day

    creatine - 2 scoops b4 workout

    Megamen sport - 2 in the morn.

    Halodrol LG - 2 in the morning

    NO xplode - 2 scoops b4 workout

    Novadex XT - 2 b4 bed

    ZMA - 2 b4 bed

    Also have fish oil but read that too much ***** 3's are bad with Halodrol LG, So I pop a few every once and awhile, usually every 3 days or so.

    Been trying to eat every 4 hours - Chicken, tuna, steak usually w/ rice and veggie. Plenty of water(if not I seem to get constant headaches from Halodrol i think).

    I really hate the headaches from Halodrol and cant wait to finish. thinking of upping to 3 a day just to finish them off.

    My questions are! Do you think stacking the Novadex Xt was good to do? Would stacking PlasmaJet with these supps be a good idea?

    So far so good on the gains and strength! Seeing a noticable difference on these supps. Working out 4 days a week. 2 on 1 off, 2 on 2 off.

    Any advice would be AWSOME! Thanks in advance.

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    Yrs. training?

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    Are you having a joke? You do not need all that!!!

    I simply stick with:

    Vit C
    Mulit-vit and min
    Protein Powder

    Revise the list and spend the money you save on food - real food.

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    Yeah I know. Keep to the basics but I figured if I have the money to spend, might as well try to get a lil assistance in my results. I went a lil far with the Halodrol and wont be goin that route again. I'm also gonna faze out the creatine after I finished with this bottle. I am 32, 6'2", 205lbs. Been workin out for about 15yrs with some breaks here and there. Went the AA's route in my early 20's for about 3 yrs. Decca, Sust., Primo.. I just wanna be natural for the most part now with a lil boost in Test (natural). Any advise would be great.

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