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    ephedrine vs. ephedrine HCL

    So I was thinking about stacking some ephedrine in my cutting stack. I got an offer from my source of ephedrine and ephedrine HCL... I am wondering - is there a difference?

    Also - I am wondering - whats a good dosage to start out with for ephedrine?
    I'm probably gonna do 2 week long cycles, where I go on that for 2 weeks and then off of it and on clen for 2 weeks, and repeat a couple of times. I will probably stack some cytomel inconjunction to the other two.

    I used ephedrine like 6 years ago and had some good results but have completely forgotten how much to take, etc.

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    The HCL version is by far the preferred version. You system absorbs a higher percentage of it vs the sulfate version.

    If you have 30mg pills ( c=caffeine e=eph )
    Day 1 - test dose, take 100mg C 15mg E
    Day 2-4 - 100mg C 15mg E, 2x
    Day 5-7 - 200mg C 15mg E, 2x
    Day 8-14 - 300mg C 30mg E first dose, 200mg C 15mg E second dose
    Day 14+ - 300mg C 30mg E, 2x

    Doses 4-6 hours apart. Don't take it to late in the day if you want to sleep.

    I would suggest not taking over 4 weeks in a row without taking a week off or two.
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