Well, ive come to the end of my patience. AAS are out of the question so im looking for the next best thing. It would seem the tren clones are that next best thing. A friend of mine recently got off a 6 week cycle of MD1T and had great results. He lost 3% BF, gained 7 lbs, and had excellent strength gains. The only side effect he reported was mild mood swings and greatly increased appetite(pretty good one for me). I seem to have gotten my diet in pretty good check for gaining and my exercise routine is solid so i plan on taking a 6 week cycle of MD1T starting in 2 weeks. Im curious if anybody else has personal experience to share on this supplement. Ive read the M1T threads so please dont post replys condemming me to death by liver toxicity or failure to a scam based on what youve read. Results and/or effects based on personal use or close associate use only ; )

Ill be taking MD1T- 1 capsule every morning and another pre-w/o
Superpump 250- scoop a day another pre-w/o
And of course Protein shakes(Monstermilk) and multi-vitamins

I believe i need some PCT with this shit so ill be gettin that prior to takin it too. Any suggestions on that would be greatly appreciated!

Stats: 25yrs old
~15% BF
lifting for 7 years mostly straight, never more then 4 months off
Major Hardgainer