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    M Drol P Plex Stack

    Looking to stack M-Drol and P-Plex for a total of a 4 week cycle. Incase you havent heard of them, mdrol is a superdrol clone, and pplex a clone of pheraplex. Looking for advice on how to stack these, and what to run for my p.c.t.

    30 y/o. I am 5'8 195 lbs. Been lifting for about 10 years.

    I ran 2 previous superdrol cycles 1 in 2004 and 1 in 2005. Gained 17, and 12 lbs respectively. My last dose of gear was 1.5 years ago. Test and tren @ 500mg and 400 mgs a week. 10 week cycle. Successful pct. Feel great now but looking for a little boost.

    How would you stack these two and what to run for pct, and how long

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    Remember to include some liver support during and maybe even previously to starting your PH.

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    P-Plex week 1-4 @ 30mg or 40mg (split evenly through out the day)
    M-Drol week 3-6 @ 30mg............(split evenly through out the day)

    Cycle Support (use during cycle):

    Clomid week 7 @ 100mg/ED
    Clomid week 8-10 @ 50mg/ED

    Nolva week 7-10 @ 20mg/ED

    Armidex week 7-9 @ .25mg/ED

    PCT Link:

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    first I am sad for your liver.

    second i would not run an AI post cycle. just a SERM. it is my belief that M-drol had some AI like properties and you do not want to further suppress estro.

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