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    putting weight on

    my current weight is 145
    like u said i ahve a fast metoblism i eat like a damn horse.
    my weight training varies do to school and work.
    but it is consistant on every other day.
    the weight program that im on now is working pretty good i can only work my upper body due to my back, but im doing what i can.
    with dinner i take this breakfast drink hopping that taking it with supper it will act like an extra meal and put on weight.
    if anyone can give my a good chest,arm neck shoulder work out that would be great. is taking that breakfast drink a good idea.
    and ur right that damn tunna is harsh on the atmosphere.

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    Give us some more details

    age, years of training, progress made thus far, I gather you have a low back injury? (explain) average daily diet. We'll go from there.

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    there is a lot of things going on in your response. i used to be JUST like you. evidently, you ARE doing something wrong. it seems that you inconsistancies are getting the best of your body.
    what you need is a routine. once i got that down (and i am in school as well) my body responded dramatically. i went from being 130 to 170 within the course of 8 months.
    eating is not as easy as everyone on this board may make it. you need to eat the right things at the right times with the right drinks and have the right workout routines. understand this and it may throw you for a loop - you body does not grow from your food directly, it grows from you bodys hormonal response to the food and muscle stimulation (ie working out).
    it seems you are stressed, inconsistant, and uneducated - all these things combine to make for a body that wont grow.
    you need to evaluate your "routine" and write it back to the board, give us your stats, you goals for the future, workout history, what happend to your back?, what supps you take, etc etc
    then we can help you evaluate the situation and understand that "less is more" and eating the RIGHT way will make a huge difference.
    Finally, understand that shakes and supps are NOT what help you grow they aid in your growth. FOOD is the number one thing you need to worry about right now, so even eating a full breakfast every morning will make a big difference in your body's composition.

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    I eat like a horse .....

    Hmmmm ? I know many people think they do .... but big meals do not mean serious Muscle gain .... they are very hard on the body as a whole ....

    Do you eat 6-7 meals a day ..... making sure to take in sufficient protein at every meal ..... chances are your not ....

    please repost with information the others asked for and maybe we can help .... good luck

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    All of the above!


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