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    Need help on supplements

    Ive been lifting for about three years now and have seen ok results. Im about 6'2'' 210. Im not fat but i do have that baby fat gut going on. Im currently just taking protein after workouts. I was just looking for advice on some stuff to burn fat and build muscle. Thanks

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    you could try celbuterol. its a great fat burner and also has anti-catobolic capabilities to save your muscle. reasearch it here on the webiste and you should be pleased with the results if you do get into it. good luck

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    well gear is prob you last option, diet, intense cardio, some fat burners, and good workouts should whip you in shape in no time

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    ^^ yeah. if the only thing you feel is noteworthy is a pwo protein, i think you could work on your diet a lot

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