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    Animal TEST !! Any thoughts??

    Has anyone here ever tried the Animal TEST?

    is it worth it to buy it and do a cycle of it? or is it a pretty crappy pro-hormone??

    jus want some thoughts from you experienced guys on the board!!

    thanks in advance everyone that replies!!

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    IMO Prohormones are weak sauce, spend the money on food and you will grow, If you wanna do something do test. What are your stats? before we go any further


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    Isn't it just a test booster? Not worth it imo

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    well now keep in mind, where the heck would i buy steroids ?!?!

    that shit is maaaad illegal!! i heard getting caught with steroids is like getting caught with heroin or coke....

    im not riskin my future in trying to find some illegal smuggled steroids :-P

    i manage a family business and I plan on seeing it grow for another 30years!!

    Soooo....... that is kinda outta the question, which is why im turning to test boosters and pro hormones and what not

    so i guess Animal TEST is not a good test booster??

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    I done about 2 cycles of M-STAK. I had some pretty decent gains. Nothing crazy like if I was on a real cycle. But mixed with a good diet I was able to put on about 5 lbs of lean muscle. I tried the Animal Test (no results) Hope this helps.

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    Animal Test? Hum that reminds me of this thread.

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