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    other supp. than creatine

    Im want to stop my creatine intake for while and i'm not sure what i can take in its place. Right now im taking glutamine and flax seed oil with some whey protein. Im not sure if ALA will have any effect without creatine but i do have lots of that. What else can i take that'll improve my workout? any suggestions will be appreciated, thanx.

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    Why do you have to replace the creatine with something else? I think anyone that uses any sort of supplements should have periods where they don't use anything at all. I'm in a period like that right now, I usually use creatine and protien supplements. I suggest you try it so you don't rely so heavily on supplements.

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    You could try taking in some amino acids in either liquid or capsule form. Aginine for one is known to increase nitric oxide in the body which helps to gain muscle mass and strength. Good amino acids are :Amino 2222 from Optimum nutrition.

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