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    sdi labs

    I personally like the real stuff better, than these prohormones and all this other shit, b/c half the time this stuff never works, and its expansive. A couple of guys i have meet latley swear by this sdi labs stuff, it's not even legal in some states. the website is www. Sounds like a bunch of b/s to me but a couple of guys have said if you buy there 1-test which is called test suspension you get good results, not as good as a real test but decent stuff, and it only 100 bucks for a 4 week cycle, i was thinking about trying it, if any body knows anything or heard anything about this stuff let me know, anthor thing I was wandering about is this new stuff called kynovar, it got a gurantee that it will work or your money back, if you know anything let me know

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    I tried there dbol almost 2yrs ago, and it pure shit and a pure scam. If your not wanting to do AS, just stick to creatine,protein,L-glut and a multi vitamin. You will get alot more off this then the shit sdi labs are selling. Also theres been a couple of threads about sdi labs on here, research them and you will find out for yourself.

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    Don't waste your time or money on that crap tt333 said if you don't want to use real AS than stick with creatine, protein, and bcaa's.

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