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    Angry "prohormone" dont work

    The law firms of Thanasides, Zalkin & Acero and Trenam, Kemker, et al. have recently prepared nationwide class action lawsuits against some of the leading names in the supplement industry.

    The class action lawsuits allege that sellers of "prohormone" or "andro" products, such as Androstenedione, Androstenediol, Norandrostenedione, Norandrostenediol and similar products, deceive consumers by claiming the products help users gain muscle mass and strength when in fact they do not.

    According to industry sources, these sellers have known for years that prohormone products do not help users gain muscle mass and strength.
    Studies suggest that millions of Americans may be affected.

    The defendants currently include such popular brands as <a href="" target="_blank">EAS</a> , Weider, Met-Rx, Twinlab, Pinnacle, Muscletech, Cytodyne, GEN, GNC, <a href="" target="_blank">AST</a>, Klein-Becker USA, NutraSport, Prolab Nutrition, VPX, Pharmalogic, Impact Nutrition, Kaizen, Mass Quantities, Vitamin Shoppe Industries, Vitamin World. Please contact us regarding additional potential defendants.

    If you or someone you know has taken “andro” or another “prohormone”, please call 888-Andro-Ads (888-263-7623) or click here to see if you may be eligible to join this class action:

    To learn more about class actions in general, click here:

    To find out more about this litigation, click here:

    i found this on is it true

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    I gained 10 lbs of Lean body mass from 1-test.. but then again it isn't a prohormone.

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