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    creatine rocks!!!

    hey guys have been on creatine for the last 1 1/2 , up about 4 lbs, just wondering if 5grams a day is enough, along side 10g of glutamine a day, should i up the dosage to enhance the benefits or am I fine, just wondering if I will loose any of the mass gains once a discontinue my creatine, and also will i keep gaining more mass just like I am now or will it eventually plateau...??

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    Well with my experience with creatine, you could keep some but it's mostly water weight. Yes 5 grams is good enough, now if you want and can afford it take 5 grams before and after your workouts. I just take 5 grams a day myself. You could and probably will plateau, but if you cycle the creatine and get off of it for awhile and get back on you might not plateau.

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    I have to agree with Big Tex, most of the weight that you will gain will be water weight. You will still make quality gains, but dont let the water weight fool you, you will lose alot of it. I take EAS's Creatine, and by cycling it I make big jumps in overall strength.

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    5g of creatine all the body can absorb a day.

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    cycle the stuff but mentioned before you gains will mostly be water weight, post creatine you lose a good bit of the weight gained

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