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    Supplement Help Please

    I'm getting back into the gym after a 8 month break due to an accident. I've been working out for about 5yrs. Before injury I was about 210lbs. & about 15 - 16%bf.(5'11" 31yrs. old) Now I'm about 225 - 230lbs. What supplements would be most effctive to burn fat and harden up? I've always been lame on the diet part by never really watching what I ate except for making sure I'd take in enough protien. The funny part is I'd eat like crap and have better gains than my friends taking every type of supplement and watching what they eat. They even accused me of juicing.
    So, my figuring here is if I buckle down on the diet and keep pretty strict with it while also taking the proper supplement stack I should make some pretty good gains. Any help is appreciated.
    BTW what's a good way to add size to my traps.(type of exercise & how often) Any diet suggestions would also be appreciated. Thanks again guys. Great site.

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    Any type of ECA will help burn fat and needs to be taken prior to cardio training or a workout.To drop BF you need to do more cardio and take a look at the fat and carb content of your diet.Tobey has posted some great equations for determining your calorie amounts and I would follow these and take a close inspection of your diet

    Traps respond well to Barbell/DB shrugs Upright row those are the main 2 I use and I get good growth.I train them at low reps around 3 sets and heavy weight.Use straps if your grip gives out before your traps

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    JC, you will most likely lose a good bit of that extra gained bodyfat without changing anything, since the fat gained was mearly from inactivity. As soon as your training resumes you'll see that yourself. There are dozens of threads on the site devoted to fat loss inluding one I posted on earlier today tittled "abs". Take some time, search and read them. If you've decided to "buckle" down on the diet then you'll have no problem getting ripped.

    On the traps part:

    direct trap work:

    Shrugs (barbell and dumbell)
    Upright row (elbows up high)
    Dead lifts (power lifting style)
    Power cleans

    Indirect trap work:

    military press
    lateral raises

    Do them all! Just remember to cycle the heavy joint stress exercises so you don't overdue it. Work them no more than 2x per week to avoid overtraining. (1x may be enough)

    Good luck and pm me if you have any questions you can't get answered.

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    Talking Thanks guys

    The info helped a lot. The search system here is awesome as are Tobey's recipe tips. They'll definitely make dieting quite a bit easier.

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