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    cutting then using sizeon

    hey guys


    age 18
    weight 190
    bf last time i checked i was 21% but i weighed 200lbs
    height 6 foot


    get to 12-14% BF then use sizeon creatine by gaspari nutrition and bulk up a bit

    any of you guys used SizeOn? any good? ive read great reviews on it

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    Size on is ok, its not anymore effective than creatine mono IMO. I'm not real impressed with name branded "special creatine" based products. There is very little if any real science behind it. I would save my money on that and spend it on mono and some BCAAs.

    Also if it were me with it being winter time I would bulk now. To reach 14% BF it shouldn't be that hard if your 17-19% now. I'd eat and lift like crazy till mid-March then start cutting then. You'll be ripped just in time for warm weather. I wouldn't do an all out bulk diet though. Keep it clean and do some light cardio after you lift.

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    i liked size on, but simple mono will do it for you and be cheaper

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    Size on blows, take matt77' suggestion and get CM and BCAAs.

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