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    Arrow taraxatone animal stak

    i dont know if i should take these to together i want to cut up, and i think the animal stak would help me burn more durning my exercises, can anyone give me any info on weather 800mg of caffeine is too muchk? , im 6'4" and 245 lbs about 16% body fat and i want to get down to 10 in 7 weeks.

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    I beleive a cup of coffee is suposed to have like 100-200mg of caffiene in it. I wouldn't take all 800mg at once...that's for sure.

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    Dosent Animak Stak have 4-Androstenedione and 5-Androstenedione listed in the ingredients? Just seems nasty. But, I'm new at this hormone stuff.

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    Animal cuts would be a much better choice and would give you a lot better results over animal stak. as for 800mg of caffine yes that is to much to take at once that would be like drinking 8 cups of coffee at the same time. as for taraxatone all that is is a duretic wich will dry you out. No need to really take this as the look only last for a few days. Its good for precontest but thats about it. If you looking for some good supps to stak you can shoot me a pm and ill be glad to help you.

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