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    I want something toraise my test levels,but without using thoose shitty prohormones.
    I thought something like this will do:


    Would do you think...I know that results won't be like AS,but I could try it....Im 19 As for me...

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    I think it's good that you're not chemically f*cking with your test levels yet. Being 19 your test levels should naturally still be sky high... personally I think 98% of OTC products are complete b/s (ZMA and trib included). At your age you don't need to take -anything- bro.

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    ZMA may help prevent any related problems with zinc defficiencies, but otherwise don't waste your time. If you think this will raise your testosterone levels noticably, you are in for it.

    Fuzu supposably helps increase appetite

    At 19, you probably won't want the increased libido that other tribulus products can bring. I doubt it will have much effect on libido at your age anyway.

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