You know what I mean, like the Anabolic Research products above that is a sponser, and the many other manufacturers that produce similar items, that use names that mimic the real names of real gear, but these are fully legal no prescription items. I can't get any or find any, open dialogue about them. It even seems like a conspiracy sometimes. I mean, yes, they are a bit pricey, and it might be off putting for some to have similar names, but bottom line, are these thing of ANY value at all? I mean, has anyone ever bought them and gave an honest review? We all know there are legal non prescription things that are effective to some degree in helping with bodybuilding goals, would these items help at all? I wanna know. I'm even thinking about getting some myself and finding out myself. My current goal is losing fat and getting ripped, would their CLEN help me with this? I do wish this stuff was a bit less expensive, but I'd love to find some reviews. I'll keep looking too. Thanks. Oh, I know some forums are funny, or it seems, since these are legal dietary supplements, can we say the brand names of them?