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    vitamin/supplement for increased concentration?

    Can anyone recommend a vitamin or any other supplement that will help me in these areas: concentration, focus, memorization, alertness (you get the idea)? I would prefer to stay away from any stimulants like caffeine. Is there any vitamin out there that is good for this? Any other supplement?

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    l-tyrosine i think its spelled right,i use it all the time,and its cheap,i use the NOW helps you focus and concentrate so much better

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    I drink a tea called NRG also comes in a tablet form. Or another favorite for an all day focus/ concentration, excellent workout is a Lift Off. It's a tablet that dissolves in water has a lil caffeine but super mild doesn't make you jittery a all. Check out my website under energy n fitness.[URL=""]

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    if u want to go all out then u take addarall. its used 4 ppl with add to make them focus and concentrate, ur doc isnt going 2 give u a prescription with ACTUALLY having add but loads of guys in college take it 4 exams. u can buy it online, havent tryed it so ask around 4 advice on it if ur interested. l-tyrosine is the "happy" amino acid because it raises dopamine levels and give u tht bit of a lift, its used in some pre-workout supps to give u a lift during ur workout, but like all stimulants it only lasts about an hour per serving. dont know why ur against caffeine tbh, u can buy pure caffeine dirt cheap and u only need a tiny amount with some water 2 give u a kick a few times a day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gucks View Post
    u can buy it online
    Yeah. Except that there's this little thing that in 99.99...% of cases you might not really get Adderall.

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    I suppose you should look in for a good physician regarding the concentration problems as that may help you to get along with the things better. I too consume medicines or pills for better concentration but it is better to look for the physician and get the right dosage for a specific period of time and buy them online.

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