Sorry that this is a repost, but I need answers & the messed up title wasn't helping before.

I never ventured into research on pro-hormones before, at all, so I really need help here. As far as supplementation & diet go - that's a lock, believe me. I have bcaas, arginine, creatine monohydrate & glutamine - all at specific times of course.
My new workout partner's the type that needs something in him (supplementation & prohormones) to work out hard & heavy - an idiot, I know, but I'm going to jump on with him, so here goes:

His friend owns a supplement shop and recommended this stack to him:
Tri-methyl x & phenylvar

I need advice as far as is this a good stack? what types of liver support should i be taking? and what should i be doing post 'cycle'. Thanks