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    Thumbs up Why should i cycle creatine monohydrate if its an amino acid ?

    I have been taking 10g of creatine for about 2 month now and i feel great, started with No Xplode and then switched to Jaked 3D adding 5g of creatine mono with glutamine pre workout and then taking another 5g of creatine and 5g of glutamine after my workout (without the Jacked 3D).

    First of Jaked 3D is not a joke and as a lot more bang then no xplode.

    Next month i will do my own pre workout drink with A-AKG, creatine mono and glutamine.

    But for now i dont see any reason why i should cycle on and off creatine monohydrate. I read some studies that say no need to cycle and others that say cycle.

    I dont do a loading phase either like i did when i was younger. I feel that creatine, glutamine, cod liver oil , and the addition of more meat to my diet have made a huge difference in my recovery. Recommended by my sport doctor, i will be 39 this summer and feel that i need all the help i can get.

    I am also training almost everyday doing the Vince Gironda 8 X 8 workout and keeping all my workouts below 40 minutes so i am not over training. Taking anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds break between sets.

    Doing chest and biceps

    Delts and triceps



    then either taking a day off or just retarting the cycle. I am not doing any cardio and also eating low carb with a few carb meals per week to avoid falling in ketosis too deep.

    I just dont beleive that creatine should be cycled if it works so well and is not armful to the body since its a bland of 3 amino acids.

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    There has been a ton of research over this topic. There is no need to cycle creatine. It can be taken year round.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperLift View Post
    There has been a ton of research over this topic. There is no need to cycle creatine. It can be taken year round.
    ding ding

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    Just so you know creatine isnt a blend of 3 amino acids.
    In the body it is produced USING 3 amino acids ( L-arginine, glycine, and L-methionine) but it is not simply a combo of those 3.
    The creatine you take as a supplement is made from the amino acid sarcosine and cyanamide- but agin its not just a combo of those 2 compounds. Its a completely different substance synthesized using those 2 compounds.
    The thought behind "cycling" creatine is that when you take in creatine the body does indeed cease producing it on its own. SO many people incorrectly assumed it should be cycled. However it isnt like a steroid and the hpta being shutdown. Its actually just like glutamine. The body CAN produce glutamine , but only needs to do so when insufficient glutamine is taken in through diet. Same with creatine. Taking in creatine will not cause the body to be unable to produce it on its own should it need to - so it shouldnt need to be cycled.

    This study tested athletes supplementing creatine for 21 months straight and found no potential adverse effects :

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