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    Protein help

    hey guys just wondering if you can help me out in regards to casein proteins and shakes throughout the day. My goal is to bring my bf down about 2-3% just to get that popping look in my abs while continuing to pack on muscle. I'd say my diet and workouts are in check and my shakes in the day go like this; iso sensation 93 or isoflex in the morning with 1% milk, pwo same thing but with water, before bed same thing but with 1 % milk and a bit of cottage cheese. I have been wanting to toss a casein in instead of the iso at night just wanting to see what brands and types you guys use and how they have been goin for ya. Also do u think I should do a casein with my iso pwo??if so a full scoup of each or half/half? One more thing, i split a tub of carnivore with my bro to try out an wanna hear what u guys think about that and if i should sub it in somewhere throughout the day?

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    Whey isolates for pre and post workout. You can also do a 50/50 whey isolate & casein for pre and post workout.

    Casein before bed, with water.

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