I have been lifting for about 3 years natural and i would like to start looking at some pro hormones. Being young and stupid i did take a cycle of d-bol and anadrol with no PCT or anything which ****ed my body up but i have learned. So i was looking at halotest 25 and taking nolvadex with it. I am assuming people will say i am to young but i just wanted to see because i have truly hit a huge wall and my diet is pretty good. Any advice on my diet or anything to help would be great. Also looking at test boosters like activate because i feel like my levels are low ever since that stupid cycle i took?

Goal- I am trying to cut a little more body fat but i seem to be losing lots of muscle too. I would like to try and get to 210 at under 10% BF
Sup- 100% whey, glutamine, creatine. And thinking of adding Xtend
Work out- I do 5 days on and 2 days off
8egg whites one cup of oats

protiens shake with flax

chicken/tuna, half cup rice


protien shake

chicken/tune, veggie

chicken/tuna, veggie

casein protien shake or some cottage cheese and almond butter