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    H-Drol vs Anavar

    hey guys I am a new member looking to break a plateau. I am 6ft 2 and only a measly 156lbs which is totally undesirable for a 22 year old in general. I am losing motivation at the gym and would like something that can push me through this low-spot and help me reach my genetic limit (I refuse to believe I have reached it).

    My usual supplements are Serious Mass, and a PhD whey protein for post-cycle. Also some multi-vits and tempted by some No-Xplode to help during cycles in the future.

    The prohormone doesn't need to be a monster and this would be my first cycle (I will be nearly 23 when I intend to start), so I have narrowed it down to H-Drol and Anavar .

    Both seem to have minimal sides as far as I can tell and still offer some mass (10-20 lbs maybe) and strength gains which I can use to also gain mass post-cycle as my strength plateau will be gone for the time being.

    Possibly a Furazadrol cycle.

    Ignoring the fact I am still under-25, would this be a decent idea. Being massive is not my goal, I just wish to overcome this limit which is demotivating me so I can train properly and gain something out of it again. Therefore, the cutter/strength prohormone seems ideal with the least potential consequences.

    Thanks for any feedback!
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    HDrol - $30 a month

    Anavar - $350 a month

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigslick7878 View Post
    HDrol - $30 a month

    Anavar - $350 a month
    I would still pick the ANAVAR .

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    6 ft 2 @ 156 pounds ? Your problem is your diet. Get to the diet section and post it ASAP, you are definitely doing something wrong that you are not aware of. If you can't gain weight naturally you will not keep anything from any kind of cycle. And your weight is not a plateau at all, simply inefficient or poor eating and/or training.

    You don't need any supplements right now besides a basic Whey Protein for post-workout to refuel your muscles. A multivitamin is always great but that's for general health and not specific to bodybuilding. Anything else will simply burn through your wallet without sufficient knowledge, a strong base, and bodybuilding-quality diet.

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    I'm about to finish off my cutting cycle with some h-drol, can't beat it for the money. Do your research though, the stuff requires PCT.

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