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    Angry Bad ECA stack experience

    I took an ECA stack for 4 weeks (ASIA BLACK 25), one pill per day in the morning. After the end of the 4th week I felt with no energy at all. The last day I took the pill I went for a walk in the evening. After 35 minutes of walking, my heart rate went up through the roof, I felt dizzy, and my legs and arms felt weak. I stopped and went to emergency room. I was given several tests.

    My cardiologist gave me several tests:
    An electrocardiogram with no issues.
    An echocardiogram to look inside my heart and it came up perfect; the cardiologist told me my hearts was strong as a horse and all my valves were perfect.
    A holter to monitor my heart 24 hours with no anomalies.
    A stress test, he put me on the treadmill and pushed me to the limit and passed the test with flying colors.

    My Personal doctor also performed blood test for everything and everything was normal. Also a sonogram of my thyroids, liver and pancreas and everything was perfect.

    I have been of the stack ever since the incident and it has been 2 months. The issue is that I still feel with no energy and foggy. Also when I try to walk for over 35 minutes I get the same sensation of dizziness and my legs and arms feel weak.

    Iím just wondering if anyone out there went through the same issues as I did and how long before these side effects went away.

    Thank you.

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    sounds like your beta-2 receptors are saturated and you need to give the body a break from the ECA. Ephedrine will saturate these receptors after prolonged use. Give the body 2 weeks off of this and let your receptors up regulate.

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