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    Pro hormone cycle

    I took a two week cycle of Mag-10, one dose/day in the morning. I'm 5'9'' and i was 212 before cycle, afterwards i was 232. I am a constant 14% bf. After cycle i lost about 8 of those 20 pounds. I'm thinking of going through another cycle finishing my creatine and then taking Tribex 500 and something else to cut. Has anyone else had good results from Mag-10 or any other pro hormone? what did you take post cycle? I'm not going to go the AS route b/c of money and personal reasons. Any pro hormone experiences and tips i am looking for now though.

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    For post-cycle testosterone restoration, Ergopharm's 6-OXO is an excellent OTC anti-estrogen.

    Many have had great success with 1-test products (Ergopharm's 1AD included in this list).

    What type of advice are you seeking, specifically?

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    Well, i recieved great results in my physical apperance and increased lifts from mag-10, and i am going to start another cycle soon and i was looking for post cycle tips on what to take, Any good supplements to take during the cycle, and I mainly am looking for conformation about pro hormone cycles from people like me who have gotten good results because many AS users think that they are crap.

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    Bro, I just got done with a 6 week 1AD cycle at 600mgs a day. I loved it. You should try it. As for post cycle I think the best supplements are 6oxo, creatine, glutamine, zma, and vitex. Also you should keep your diet the same as when you were on prohormones for 4-6 weeks after.

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