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Thread: 1-AD & D-bol

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    Question 1-AD & D-bol

    I know i will probabally get flamed for this post but id rather be informed then uninformed.
    i have been training for more then a year and a half now, im 21, 6"1', 175, i was concedering a 1-ad and 4-ad cycle in the upcoming weeks, when today in the gym a guy i know asked if i wanted d-bol tabs. he said i can take them alone and get good gains(whitch i know everyone on the board thinks d-bol only is a waste)
    My question is can i substitute the d-bol for the 4-ad and get better results maybe? I can only get my hands on thi d-bol that y i am not goign to be getting/doing anyother gear. the 1-ad suposedly increses natural t levels. so i guess my question is do you think i should run a 1-ad cycle or just do the original 1-ad/4-ad cycle.
    I know the prohormones will be bashed but i am goign to do one or the other so any info would be mutch appriciated

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    I wouldn't bother with mixing pro-hormones and d-bol. Either stick with the 1-ad and 4-ad cycle, or get the d-bol and some more gear and use it. Since you said you don't want to use other gear than just stick to the 1-ad and 4-ad.

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