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Thread: what to stack??

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    what to stack??

    alright guys, im looking into what to use for the summer months. im trying to gain about 10-15 pounds by the time high school football season starts. i was thinking about andro and <a href="" target="_blank">creatine</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">glutamine</a> and ZMA but i thought that was kind of a lot to be takng so any advice would be greatly appreciated.i have also been using muscle milk for quite some time.
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    you shouldn't be taking prohormones at all, you're way to young if you're in high school. you're body has plenty of natrual test right now so use it while you still have it

    over the summer as long as you eat a lot of quatlity lean food, don't overtrain and get plenty of rest then that 10 pounds should come pretty easily

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