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    Question Will an over the counter "Testosterone Booster" help with erections?

    I'm thinking about trying an over the counter 'test booster' and would like to know if it would help in the bedroom.
    Would it be more for labido as well as erections?
    Any idea how long something like this takes to 'kick in'??
    Thanks in advance.

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    i would buy some tribulus (one of the ingredients of test boosters). the boosters are really expensive, but i think it will help with labido more than erections

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    depends on what is causing your issues.. could be prolactin buildup.. too much estrogen, too little estrogen..

    just depends..
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    Thanks for the info you guys.
    I think the problem I 'have' is just plain old being 42 years old.
    So I looked up that tribulus on and noticed a lot of people giving NOW Tribulus a good rating.

    What do you think about getting a more expensive brand?
    Not that I wanna spend more money---but NOW seems like a generic company.
    I do like the potential this Tribulus seems to have.
    Any suggestions on which brand would be the best?
    thanks again

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