Alright bros im sick of the supplement companies shitty ass overly priced dont meet my standard protein powders weight gainers MRPs or whatever the hell you wanna call them so its time to venture out and make my own.

I want to develop two seperate formulas, one for post-workout, and the other just to replace any meal throughout the day. So lets start with my post workout powder:

I need a good protein for post workout, this shake needs to be slammed right after my workout, so lets first look at the protein. What protein should I use? Is there any difference between the form of protein to take post workout or any other tiem of the day?? (I know there is for carbs).

Goal for post workout shake: 750-1,000 calories (NO less, preferably no more). Would like to hit between 50-60g protein, and over 100g carbs. So any suggestion on protein or should I just use some plain old whey?

Carbs: alright, gonna wanna use Dextrose, not sure of the ratio. For carb sources I have Dextrose on hand for a simple carb. Should I also add complex carbs into this? (NO MALTODEXTRIN I DONT USE THAT CRAP IF YOU SAY USE MALTO ILL SKIN YOU) For complex carbs I have hydrolyzed oat flour, brown rice and/or barley. These are REAL complex carb powders, not like malto with its GI higher than fucking dextrose thats not a COMPLEX CARB DAMNIT. Lets say i want 100g carbs, wuts a great post workout ratio of simple to complex? 75g dextrose carbs 25g hydrolyzed oat flour carbs? In order to hit my caloric needs I want this to be like 150g carbs tho, not 100g, 100g is a MINIMUM. I guess the amount doesnt matter just the ratio (if any complex carbs at all???).

I was thinking something like (just example): 55g Whey protein, 100g Dextrose carbs, 50g Hydrolyzed oat flour carbs as well as 1 tablespoon hemp seed oil. ANYONE???

Alright now for the other form, im aiming for 1,000 calories per serving of this beast, this is my non workout, so would I wanna use ANY simple carbs??? ID rather keep insulin resistance low through every meal other than post workout so that the dextrose becomes more effective at spiking slin. Also any difference in protein for this? Or will just whey do? Heres what im thinking:

55g Whey protein, 100g Hydrolyzed oat flour carbs, 100g Hydrolyzed barley flour carbs, 1 tablespoon hempoil. ANYONE???

Alright thanks bros (if you help lol), if anyone thinks I should split protein like 25g Whey 30g Egg protein powder or whatever tell me please!!