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    Views on oxy elite pro ?

    Hi I just bought sum oxy elite pro what's ur views ?

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    I've tried it im not real keen on the scattered feeling it can give you...
    Follow the instructions properly ie.
    Tablet oxy elite start with one tablet for first couple days then go on to two if u feel like you can...
    Same for powder just follow instructons...
    It does raise your body temp a bit but i never really noticed a difference.

    "lift eat sleep & repeat..."

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    I had a sample bottle,,,I did notice an increase in energy and some suppression in appetite,,
    but as far as any real fat loss,,,not really. Most OTC fat burners are not real good but I would give this one a full run.

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    ^^^as said above it does give u energy and decreases ur appetite does help with weight lose as well...I took it for two months and lose about 15-20lbs....

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    I have used OEP a few times and stacked it with PES Shift with good results.

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