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    SUPS you take during post cycle

    got about 4 more weeks before i finish my first cycle of test/deca (10 weeks @ 250mg/200mg respectively)... i know this is half what all you guys recommend but i am only 5'5'' and i wanted to start small... my next cycle will be much larger, but this far i have gone from 158-180 ... little water retention...
    however, i am wondering what you guys like to take when you are on your post cycle clomid therapy.
    I already take 10g of glut a day, I was going to add creatine, should i add anything like DHEA or ephedra?
    I have have done my research and have heard about many things that are good but i am looking to see what YOU guys use and what YOU find are the best sups to help you maintain what you gained and support your transition back to normal test levels.
    Currently i take a multivit 2X daily, garlic and ginger tabs, ALA, and amino acids, plus lots of protein

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    I start horny goat weed when I start clomid, keeps my libido just as high and also helps increase natural test production. Otherwise just protein shakes & chicken...

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    Protein and creatine

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    protein protein protein..and some glutamine, creatine for sure and maybe some ECA if you want to get a little leaner.


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