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    animal stak and pak give me info fast please

    alright, ive heard that animal stak and animal pak are both completely bogus products. One of my friends is using them both together. thats 24 pills just from those two products daily. Well please give me all the info on these supplements. Do they actually work, or are they both bullshit.

    ps. Im really not looking for the posts where people say that prohormones dont work so use the real stuff. because i already know prohormones dont work. but i just want to prove to my friend that he doesnt know what hes talkin about, because hes claiming he gained 30 pounds off this shit.

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    Animal pak as daily multivitamins is ok, but ive done Animal Stak and only saw minimal results. a couple pounds through the whole cycle maybe, 30 lbs is bullshit or its all fat. 30 lbs on an AS cycle is pretty good. The product is "ok" and no better or worse then most other OTC products. Id say 1-ad mag-10 and/or 4-diol are probably a better way to go if you absolutely have to buy OTC something.

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    I just got done with my 3 weeks os Animal Stack. I gained no weight, but it did give me a rush before I went to workout; my strenght went up about 10-15 pounds on bench.

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