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    Very serioius question about prohormones.

    Ok, I've been reading up. I'm 18 years old and fairly big (you can see my pics by clickingHere but I have been thinking about stacking 1-AD with I looked into it.....lots of people have had good results so I'm thinking...ok sounds good, then I see the other side...people saying that it can stunt the testosterone levels I have right now perminantly. Don't need that. Would I be just as good off getting some protein, glutamine, creatine, and maybe a bottle of Xenadrine or Hydroxycut????

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    IMO, stay off the mag and ph for a while.. from your pics it looks like you can go farther until you need to mess with that... and yes, at 18 you have plenty of test

    you DEFINATELY need the protein, creatine is also worth it

    glutamine.... worthless in my opinion, according to a professor here at school, only 3% of glutamine you ingest makes it past your stomach due to acidity and that your blood maintains very careful concentrations of basically you might be able to absorb 1% of all ingested glutamine

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    First off you should have a very decent diet depending on your needs either for bullking or cutting, get plenty of rest, have good training principles. If this in check I would try creatine for awhile. After creatine if you are not gaining strength or weight I would try changing your routine up. Prohormones or steroids should be a last resort or to take you to the next level and only you can decide that. If you think you can still gain some more naturally go for it but since you have never tried creatine I would defianttly try it before prohormones

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    I want to say cheers man! Yes! you should wait!
    1st - I wouldn concentrate on a well rounded BB'ing diet! Supplementing with protein/glutamine/creatine. I wouldn't worry about the hydroxies/xena's. With a GOOD diet you can accomplish many things and as your body matures over the next couple years you'll develope a serious base. Then...
    2nd Definately wait till your 22 or so. What you should do is do tons and tons of research and do a cycle, don't F* with the prohormones. I'm 33 and run several cycles of Pro's and nothing really happened, it's deffinately a $$ thing! Take it from me, I've wasted a ton of Cash on the crap for nothing. The last one I did was 1AD in order to "feel" what you want, you have to run 600 to 800 mg's a day for 10 weeks or so. that's like 8 bottles or $300/350ish for pro hormones for a decent cycle, now you can run a cycle of Test En/Deca for 10weeks with anti-e's for less than that! try 200. and you'll definately get results if your diets' on.
    Good luck and you're ahead of the game because you have your mind open enough to realize what you need to do with out messing with pro's/AS. Diet/workout workout/diet! and no shit DIET good form are the 2 most important things! I could really go on but that would rant! Good luck bro!

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