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    are these helping

    Iam trying to get rid of my belly fat





    Iam taking hardcore xtreme to help me loose weight and also taking creatine mon and usn pure protein Will these aid me or not.

    any help please

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    The creatine will make you put on a few pounds of water weight when you first start taking it, but it won't make you gain any fat if thats what you want to know as far as the Whey its just a protein supplement so the short answer is no it won't help you cut. And the other thing I have no knowledge of but I am doubtful its some miracle supplement or everyone would be taking it.
    As you probably know, a caloric deficit is your best bet, if you want to go all out maybe try some Yohmbine and Caffeine in the morning fasted both work pretty good as appetite suppressants.

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