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    Another creatine question

    I'm just curious, how does everyone use their creatine.... like do you use it in cycles, or just stay on and dont go off (unless you are using AS). By the way I 'cycle it..

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    i have done both..but i prefer to cycle body just reacts better. Going on it for a long period of time doesn't do any far anyways..still in that research mode..(we are the ginny pigs)

    It is not like it fills receptor sites..but again ..I just seem to gain better results cycling it..I don't believe in loading..since the body can only absorb so much..when i am using creatine..i do on heaping teaspoon in the morn..and another post workout or if it is a dayoff from the gym..before go to sleep.

    It is great for post AS with Clomid.

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    i also cycle it every few months. Usually take 10g/day before and after my workout.

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