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    How much is enough?

    How much of the following sups are adequate for me building muscle. Currently,
    weight 198,
    ~26% bf,
    2,450calories 40/40/20 macros
    Weight training; three times a week about 60-80 minutes each session
    cadio; 5-6 days of biking 13-15 miles/day

    L. Citrulline
    L. Luecine
    Beta Alinine

    Also should I eat more carbs on lifting days? Thanks.

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    Honestly you dont need any of them, I would look at possibly cutting for a bit though and going on a lean bulk if your sitting on 26% BF.

    What do your weight training routines consist of?

    The only supps you need if you arent getting what you need from your diet is whey protein ( which you shouldnt need with a 40% macro split which should sit you over 200g protein a day ), creatine and a good multi vitamin. Anything else "supplement" wise isnt going to help you put on lean mass. If your cutting there is certainly stuff that can help you for sure.

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