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    Help with Supplements!!!

    Hello All. I am a newbie to serious weight training. I have been at it for the past few months and with a strict diet I have been seeing some pretty good results. So i'm trying to take it up a notch for the summer months and would like to know what are some essential supplements to take. I walk into GNC and they try to sell me everything under the sun. So I am hoping for some impartial advise here. All I currently take is a multi vitamin and a protein shake once per day. I have dome some reading about the list below. Let me know your thoughts about these and any others. Dosage to take them and when.

    Flax Seed or Fish Oil

    Thanks in advance

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    I would add creatine and fish oil to what you currently take and take it from there... you can do much more with food and diet than any supplement pill will do for you. After this maybe hit up the nutrition forum and post on diet etc ....

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    read austinites thread. I believe the info is far more impartial as to just giving u the details. Alot.of media studies.wil.say.what 'sells', id start there. ;-)

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