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    first cycle..please all help appreciated

    I am currently 26 years old 5`5 130 lbs my size is okay just looking for a little more lbs. did some research but little confused about how to use. what I purchased was super DMZ 2.0 , with advanced cycle support, ultramale rx, taurine, and milk thistle. I was curious to what weeks I take each pill and how many of each pill.

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    In my opinion your weight is showing how poor your diet is. 130lbs is to light to touch any of that crap, plus I would stay away from pros in general if you can they are very tough on your body( you should study up on proper diet and go back to training for a couple years.) Also milk thistle is not going to do much of anything for your liver support tudca and udca is what is needed if you are going to run that.

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