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Thread: Higenamine HCL

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    Higenamine HCL

    Has anybody every used this product.
    It's supposed to have the same effects as "DMAA" but lasts much longer

    In Australia they banned DMAA so if this works, it will be a good replacement
    I ordered some, but thought i would see if anyone has used it before.

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    higenamine hcl is a replacement for DMAA by USPlabs,and many other companies are using higenamine as well.Some replacement like N-Methyltyramine, Methyl Synephrine hcl, dendrobium extract etc.

    However, as a manufacturer and supplier, to be honest, dendrobium extract doesn't work as a stimulant.

    What's your feeling of using higenamine hcl?

    Thank you.

    Stanford Lee

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