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    Terrible Subcutaneous water retention with creatine!

    hey guys i know this goes against the "Science" and everyone on the internet says this isn't possible but has anyone else experienced horrendous subcutaneous water retention from creatine? My diet is in check obviously, my avatar is me..however i started using a product that was a whey/creatine mix and the strength gains were very very good, with the expected extra endurance during workouts. However I literally had horrendous water retention, and even people like layne norton say it isnt possible but i turned into a fat whale gaining 9 pounds in 8 days, i lost all definition in my abs, i started getting the numbing/tingling feeling in my hands and feet and nice little pudge formed in my lower abdominal. Now I will say I used to be very very overweight, so whenever i do retain water i appear much fatter than i am as the extra skin seems to pool with water (if that makes sense to you..i.e. when i have too many carbs or change my sodium i will instantly get a protruding lower abdomen from the loose skin holding the water). Has anyone else experienced water retention that isn't intracellular and successfully combated it to reap the benefits?

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    stop taking creatine...

    everyone one is different.. i've never had a problem with creatine...

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    Have you tried any pure creatine monohydrate, or just this whey/creatine product?

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    Never, I have also never heard of this and do not really see how it is possible, though everyone is different so i will take your word for it. Why don’t you just stop taking it though seems like a pretty easy fix .

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    Yeh. Could be a reaction. Separate the products and eliminate the culprit.

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