Hey guys,

I've been doing hours and hours of research daily. And have gained a pretty good understanding of the world of anabolics, PH's, AS's, DS's etc etc. and was tossing the idea of doing a cycle for a while now. Finally being more educated I am confident and I am ready to begin. SHipment will arrive in matter of days.

I am 21 yrs old 5ft9 , 166lbs, BF% right around 12-13%.

I lift 5 days a week, train cardio/abs two days.
M-chest/ 1hr 30. 5 exercises, 5 sets, avg. 8-12 reps or till failure. same goes for every other musc. group. this routine has proved most effective for me as of yet.
W-cardio, abs
TH-boulder shoulder
Diet is in check and I am looking to do a nice clean bulk/recomp. Depends which direction i choose to take my diet in. eating right around 300 over maintenance of pretty lean cals. Will prob step it up. Just wanted to do some body conditioning. Full time job, full time college, pretty proud of my diet but it is hard sometimes, not to mention expensive to fufill lean macros on a budget. at 3,000 now. will prob step to 3,500.

morning meal:
2 cups milk,
2 cups flaxseed granola mix
1 tbsp Peanut butter
2 eggs
comes to around 900 cals, 50g protein. not sure fat and carbs.

lunch/post workout:
2 cups milk 1 1/2 scoop elite 7 protein right around 700 cals. throw in handful peanuts and dried fruit, measure in at 1000 cals and 55g protein.

grilled chicken breast, tomato cucumber salad 1 scoop mashed potatoes 1 cup chicken soup.
measures in around 1,300 cals and about 60g protein. I know not very much, but remember trying to keep it lean.

finally before bed:, I chug down 1-2 cups of milk and 1 tbsp PB, or peanuts/flaxseed. kinda depends what I feel like.
this gives me about an extra 400 cals and 30g more protein.

Total weigh in: 3,500 cals, right under 200g's protein. not sure fat or carbs.
this doesnt include little cheat snacks here and there. miss my macros some days, go over on others, it all balances. no one is perfect. just gotta try.

Here's what im planning on, with a 5-6 week cycle.
preload cycle assist 10-14 days at rec. dosage.
Have Optimen multi's for on cycle as well and of course 1000mg taurine just in case back pumps.
Protein intake, fish oils, enough cycle assist for entire cycle and PCT.

Cycle dosage:
I decided on MAG-25 by LGI (PMAG clone)

For PCT:
tamoxifen citrate 20/20/10/10 (yes, i decided on a SERM, let me kno what u think)(is liquid any better than tablets? also, my source is from well, starts with what you do when you buy something and then peptides, lol,reliable?)
CEL Cycle Assist
tropinol xp
intimidate srt
WF&Hemavol for PWo
creatine intake will cease when i begin cycle assist load, and begin first day PCT.

So, there it is. Not sure if i missed anything, and please give me good feedback and information. I know what im doing and made up my mind. just want proper help and direction with the route i decided upon. Let me know if i should change any dosing, or anything else. I am a bit nervous to be honest, but have read ALOT and think i have everything in check.

Thank you guys for your time, I will be logging this, so please help as much as you can!
Cant tell you enough how helpful experience and first time users logs are, so i figured i'd decide to comprehensively provide one of my own.

and also, wanted to throw out a big thanks to all the people who have logged and contribute because without u guys, people wouldnt have a damn clue. its cause of you guys I made this decision, im ready, im excited, so thanks. Hope to be done by xmas break (Load,cycle and PCT) the whole thing, so i can visit the fam beefed up a bit and no worry to risk in losing gains too bad. will train at home of course though. (: